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New WordPress plugin: Bucket List

New WordPress plugin: Bucket List

Enjoy our first WordPress creation, our Bucket List plugin for WordPress!

As the happy owner of a long and healthy bucket list I often thought that having a beautiful and (mostly!) practical tool to manage it would be even more fun. So here it is, created by my friend Nico and my little self, the Bucket List plugin for WordPress, woohoo!

We both hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

bucket list, a wordpress plugin

The Bucket List plugin for WordPress

Set your goals, change your life, realize your dreams and share the inspiration of your achievements! Bucket List lets you create, organize and beautifully show off all the goals you have in life.


Through an elegant and straight-forward administration interface, you can:

  • Create as many goal categories and goals as you wish
  • Smoothly organize, reorder and edit categories/goals without reload (AJAX)
  • Mark a goal as achieved, and automatically register the date (you can as well modify the date)
  • Link an achieved goal to an existing Post/Page in your blog
  • Paste your Bucket List in any Post/Page using the [bucketlist] shortcode

Bucket List plugin


We also included an optional widget that displays your latest achieved tasks. You can:

  • Customize widget title (i.e. My Latest Achievements)
  • Customize number of tasks displayed (5 by default)
  • Set up a link to your complete Bucket List page (or any other page)
  • Display or not the task category
  • Display or not the date of achievement

Managing a bilingual blog

Here’s a nifty WordPress plug-in to maintain a bilingual blog. It displays the main language as a standard blog post and adds, right before it an excerpt in your second language.

As a bilingual person (well trilingual if you count my broken English) I love to be able to write in whatever language I feel like at the moment. Although, it’s very important to let my other readers know what I am talking about.

Check out the Basic Bilingual → plug-in.